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Chemical Management for Schools

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Improper chemical management poses health and safety risks to everyone in schools. While anyone can be effected, health, learning, and behavior risks to students are of primary concern. Children are more vulnerable than adults to chemical hazards because their bodies are still developing.

Health risks aren’t the only risks involved with improper chemical management in schools.

The expenses of improper chemical management can be hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for just a single school. Spills and other incidents are not only costly, but pose potential liabilities and lawsuits. Improper chemical waste management can result in fines, increased insurance premiums, and inflict damage upon the environment. If chemicals contaminate sanitary sewer lines or on-site waste treatment systems, rivers, streams, and groundwater can be poisoned. Spills to the ground can result in considerable remediation costs. While water is first and foremost thought of after a chemical spill, spills can also pollute the air.

Improper chemical management doesn’t only effect people physically.

It only takes one chemical incident to break the trust with the community. School incidents can lead to increased parental and community concern, and embarrassment to the school and school district. This in turn can create negative publicity both locally and nationally.

Lastly, improper chemical management can result in school closures, and that results in a loss of valuable education.


Hazardous chemicals aren’t always just laboratory chemicals for science.

Other examples are:

  • Art supplies – paints, stains, inks, glazes, photo processing chemicals
  • Cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers, and de-icers
  • Solvents, fuels, degreasers, lubricants, oils, antifreeze, adhesives
  • Water treatment chemicals for drinking water and swimming


One of the best ways to avoid workplace confusion and prevent chemical incidents is to establish a Global Harmonization System (GHS). These include identifications of all chemicals present in the school, information on proper labeling and storage, potential hazards, and safety procedures for the use, transport, and disposal of chemicals. This chemical inventory also lists the quantities and locations that can be used to reduce the costs when purchasing so no excess chemicals are ordered. Perhaps most importantly, a GHS serves as a reference for school and emergency personnel in the event of an emergency caused by a chemical.

Powerful Solutions for Busting Stress!

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Are you busting your hump trying to balance your life – juggling work, family, relationships, community obligations, yearning for time to relax, but finding even vacations aren’t much relief from the stress?

Are job or relationship stressors taking a toll on your health, affecting your sleep, your digestion, joints, attitude or peace of mind?

Living paycheck to paycheck, on the brink of financial disaster, constantly in a cycle of financial stress?

Do you feel no matter what you do it seems like you’re always treading water?

What if.. could find ways to cope with stress, no matter the circumstance, by using the power of your mind, by becoming more aware of your environment, learning tips and hacks you can use at home or at work, and by understanding how your body can better manage stress?

And what if these strategies and recommendations would be natural, safe, and effective with only positive side effects – does that sound like something that would interest you?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!!


Mark your calendars for this first ever community event to empower individuals and communities with strategies for busting stress and improving physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Come learn about

  • Hacks for Busting Money, Job and Relationship Stress
  • How to Change your Money Paradigm
  • How Stress affects your Feet
  • Stress Busting Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • How Your Environment affects Your Health

You’ll have access to experts and coaches in various fields to guide you, teach you and connect with you to help you find healthier, natural, safer ways to cope with the stressors of life.

We’ll explore the power of your mind, aromatherapy, reflexology, natural medicine, and environmental health.

For the typical cost of an hour of coaching, you’ll get an entire day of workshops, talks and demonstrations to start new practices immediately. AND the price includes lunch!

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Indoor Environmental Assessments

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Strange Odor? Building Occupants Fatigued in the Afternoon?

Proper building operations and routine maintenance are critical to ensuring healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). Building managers are often the first person building occupants turn to with a problem. The top three sources of IAQ problems are inadequate ventilation, contamination from inside the building, and contamination from outside the building.

Improve the balance between facility energy efficiency and occupant health, comfort and productivity. With an Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment, potential IAQ issues can be identified before they become problems.

An Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment includes comprehensive testing for elevated levels of mold spores, radon gas, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), as well as much more!

Our Assessment also includes readings of your facility’s relative humidity which is one of the largest contributing factors to poor health!

This testing is simultaneous measurement of IAQ indicators meaning it can be done in one day.