Are you busting your hump trying to balance your life – juggling work, family, relationships, community obligations, yearning for time to relax, but finding even vacations aren’t much relief from the stress?

Are job or relationship stressors taking a toll on your health, affecting your sleep, your digestion, joints, attitude or peace of mind?

Living paycheck to paycheck, on the brink of financial disaster, constantly in a cycle of financial stress?

Do you feel no matter what you do it seems like you’re always treading water?

What if.. could find ways to cope with stress, no matter the circumstance, by using the power of your mind, by becoming more aware of your environment, learning tips and hacks you can use at home or at work, and by understanding how your body can better manage stress?

And what if these strategies and recommendations would be natural, safe, and effective with only positive side effects – does that sound like something that would interest you?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!!


Mark your calendars for this first ever community event to empower individuals and communities with strategies for busting stress and improving physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Come learn about

  • Hacks for Busting Money, Job and Relationship Stress
  • How to Change your Money Paradigm
  • How Stress affects your Feet
  • Stress Busting Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • How Your Environment affects Your Health

You’ll have access to experts and coaches in various fields to guide you, teach you and connect with you to help you find healthier, natural, safer ways to cope with the stressors of life.

We’ll explore the power of your mind, aromatherapy, reflexology, natural medicine, and environmental health.

For the typical cost of an hour of coaching, you’ll get an entire day of workshops, talks and demonstrations to start new practices immediately. AND the price includes lunch!

Register by Sept 15 and save with an early bird discount!

Get ready to BUST the stress!

We are the Natural Solutions Group. Learn more about us at and on Facebook at Natural Solutions Group to learn about more upcoming events to help you deal with one of the most common, yet health busting challenges known to modern society…


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