Trusted Resource for Healthy Buildings

Baxter Environmental Group offers services to include testing and abatement of asbestos, mold, lead, radon, and indoor environmental contaminants. We also perform HVAC duct inspections, duct cleaning services, basement waterproofing/control, and selective demolition, renovation and restoration.

Baxter Bug

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc is committed to creating healthy environments for our clients and community.  Operating in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia, our clients include commercial, residential, government, schools and universities, hospitals, health departments, national parks, and more.

Map of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. Tri State Area

Breathe Healthy Initiative

Baxter Environmental Group Inc’s Breathe Healthy Initiative aims to support those responsible for indoor environments by increasing awareness of the benefits of healthy buildings, the impact that unhealthy indoor environments can have on building occupants, the preventative maintenance that can be employed to keep environments healthy, and the reaction needed when poor indoor environmental quality is identified.

Have an Environmental Concern? We can Help!

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. takes pride in providing our clients with knowledge and understanding of environmental hazards. Through this information, we provide reassurance that our services will create a safe and healthy environment, meeting our client’s needs.