Air Quality & Your Air-Conditioning

Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect an A/C System?

In the tristate area July is the hottest month of the year. Averaging at 85°F, air conditioning units are working their hardest.

Small particles like dirt, animal dander, tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria and more are constantly circulating throughout the A/C unit and hopefully getting caught in the filter. But the more particles captured, the more chances the filter has of getting clogged.

This creates an unhealthy indoor air quality by reducing the airflow throughout your building. The HVAC system is forced to work harder to maintain the same temperature throughout the building and that means something bad for the energy bill –

A/C units also have various cooling parts inside that can be affected by clogging particles.


How to keep A/C units running cool?

One crucial task is to frequently replace air filters. Don’t let make it work twice as hard because it’s going to call it quits.

For areas in which the filters get dirty quicker than normal, one may want to consider adding an air purification system to the problem areas, whether it’s a small portable air purifier like Airfree or a whole-house system like those from Aprilaire.


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