Asbestos in New Building Materials

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Many people believe asbestos is illegal to use nowadays, so new building structures cannot possibly have asbestos in them. Unfortunately, that perception is incorrect. Though strictly regulated, asbestos is still in use today.

In 2010, a suburban county in Maryland was finally able to construct eight new elementary schools after dealing with the expenses and delays due to asbestos remediation and control for the last two decades. Many times, the building materials were just assumed to not have any trace of asbestos. Out of hundreds of new floor tiles, batches of similarly colored tiles repeatedly tested positive for asbestos. After vigorous analyses using several methods, it was proclaimed that the tiles should be treated like asbestos containing materials.

This resulted in the manufacturer offering to remove all the newly installed tiles, re-installing new non-ACM tiles, and any cleanup. The school saved over $500,000 in current and future clean-up expenses, and the students, staff, educators and parents avoided asbestos exposure.



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