Professional Water Control Systems for Basement and Crawl Spaces

Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces are best addressed through an Assessment of the Source of the Problem. Serving South Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia including Chambersburg PA, Hagerstown MD, Martinsburg WV, and Berkeley Springs WV

Waterproofing methods are just one option to water-control methods. The water needs to be controlled to prevent it from penetrating the basement foundation or floor to divert it away from the building. Water seepage in basement and crawl spaces usually occurs over long periods of time and can be caused by numerous factors. An assessment typically takes only 30 minutes to 2 hours and could involve:

  • Visual Walk-Through of the basement, crawl space, exterior of the property, and surrounding landscape
  • Pictures and drawings
  • Testing, if necessary
  • Written report of findings
  • Estimate including options for repair and price quote

Your building could be under siege as you read this, and you may not even know it. A wet and leaky basement or crawl space can be destructive to the foundation of your building. We are known in the Pennsylvania, Maryland & West Virginia region for our commitment to quality and attentive customer care over the years. Our renovation and water-control teams have the knowledge and the expertise to offer you quality results, every time.

  • Avoid unnecessary repair expenses
  • Confirm if a water-control system is necessary
  • Focus on the source of the water problem rather than just a quick fix
  • Can be installed year-round in your home, retail stores, law offices, dental offices, hospitals, municipal buildings, clinics and more
  • Affordable – 1 to 2-day installation means less cost for you
  • Non-invasive – There is almost no dust and mess since we don’t tear up any concrete floor
  • Doesn’t disturb any landscaping
  • Repair work is also non-invasive and the system can be visually inspected
  • Can be installed in finished and non-finished homes
  • No waiting until the basement is dry to install – It can be set up under water
  • Partial systems are available
  • Systems can be painted
  • Epoxy will not break down over time, and only deals with seepage that enters the structure so humidity levels are not increased
  • Can be drained to either a sump pit or floor drain (if allowed by your local municipality)
  • The system can be easily sealed if radon gas is a concern
  • A dry basement increases your home’s value
  • A dry basement can be remodeled
  • A dry basement allows for more storage without the worry of items getting wet and destroyed

After completing a full assessment of either residential or commercial property basements, and/or crawl spaces, next action steps will be identified.  When we work on any basement, we will determine if there is any need for digging or excavating based on the result of the assessment. Digging and excavating is only done when it is the best option for the future health of the building.

We can assess & install a system in any weather and in both finished or unfinished basements (depending on the system).  You can count on our experienced teams for professional building restoration, renovation, and water-control services.

Our products and services are guaranteed. Don’t let your building fall apart beneath you. Contact Us today for your free assessment and/or estimate.

Our teams can help you with dependable basement & crawl space water-control that will prevent potential damage to your building. Our restoration specialists will provide you with courteous customer service and perfect results, every time.

Contact Us to schedule a water-control assessment with our specialists. You can leave a voice mail at our office any time. We got you covered.

Clean water-proofed basement

A finished basement where the system took the place of the baseboard.

Water warning signs infographic