Baxter on 103.7fm about Dangers in the Home

Jocelyne Melton and her dog Lucy
A while back, Jocelyn Melton, of Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. sat down with News Talk 103.7 FM to talk about a few quick things that families should be aware of and should be doing.
Melton Explains that families need to be educated on dangers in the home, not to instill fear, but to be aware so that they can be proactive. Things like:
  • Lead-based paints and radon still occupy millions of homes and buildings today.
  • Contaminants can cause severe health problems like cancer and asthma, to smaller issues like worsened allergies.
  • She also explains that children are actually more at risk, not only are they more likely to breathe in contaminates because they are generally lower to the ground where things like dust can be kicked up, but children also consume more; more food, more air, more resources. Children are also still developing, so their body will treat contaminates differently.
Melton then provides listeners with some tips to keep your home safer, keeping your loved ones safer as well. She says that the first thing to do is clean. Contaminants are harder to breathe in if your home is clean. This does not mean that you need to deep clean your house everyday, but clean it for as much activity takes place there. So if you are pretty quiet and do not create a lot of mess, you will need to clean less.
Her second piece of advice is to use Baxter Environmental Group, Inc.’s Healthy Building Checklist. This is there so that people can know what specifically to look for when making sure their home is safe. Melton’s final piece of advice is to address repairs as they come up. Instead of waiting for an issue to become too big, address it and take care of it. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will ensure your family is safer.
Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. is here for your environmental needs. For more information on how to keep your home and loved ones safe, visit our Education Center and our Breathe Healthy Initiative page.


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