Baxter Environmental Group’s BREATHE HEALTHY INITIATIVE aims to support those responsible for indoor environments by increasing awareness of the benefits of healthy buildings, the impact that unhealthy indoor environments can have on building occupants, the preventative maintenance that can be employed to keep environments healthy, and the action needed when poor indoor environmental conditions are identified.
Attached is our e-book, the comprehensive Healthy Buildings Check-Up, and the condensed Healthy Buildings Check-up.  Please accept this is a gift from me to you.  It can be a guide to keep occupants healthier, and can make a great gift for you to share with your friends, clients, and community.
You will receive our newsletters, which typically come out once every month.  Occasionally, we may also send out a video or fact sheet.  You will not only find these items to be personally useful, but also shareable. We are here to be a resource for any indoor environmental concerns you may be confronted with.  We appreciate your support of Baxter Environmental Group’s BREATHE HEALTHY INITIATIVE.
Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!

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