Benefits of Replacing Windows

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Yes, Lower Energy Costs.

But Also:

UV Protection, Serenity, and Home Value.


Lower Energy Costs.

Replacing windows can be one of the most cost-effective home improvements. Well-insulated windows keep extreme outdoor conditions from affecting the indoor heating and cooling system. Less heat escaping, less cold air coming in.

UV Protection

Natural light can make a home feel cozy, warm and open. But many people don’t think about ultraviolet rays when they are indoors. Excessive ultraviolet rays can cause fading to walls, floors, and furnishings. There are now styles of windows manufactured with Low-E glass (glass with a thin coating that reflects heat from the heat) or with argon or krypton gas to protect the interior of your home from UV rays.

Serenity: Comfort and Security

Unique types of glass can increase your comfort, and security of your home.

Comfort: Windows can be made with noise-reducing glass. Very helpful if you live near a highway.

For security: Laminated glass and Tempered glass.

Laminated glass has a polymer interlayer that holds glass together if broken.

Tempered glass is designed to break into small pebbles instead of splintering into shards.

Not only are there different types of glass to make your home safer for you and your family, but there are new features that provide a safer environment for your health. Between-the-glass blinds can reduce dust and allergens in your home.

Home Value

According to the National Association of Realtors, window replacement projects can return homeowners more than 78% of the project costs upon resale.

Reduced energy costs, increased security, styles, colors, material. All of these can boost your home’s curb appeal and home value.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][divider line_type=”No Line”][nectar_btn size=”large” open_new_tab=”true” button_style=”regular-tilt” button_color=”Accent-Color” color_override=”#2d5594″ icon_family=”none” url=”” text=”Renovation Services”][divider line_type=”No Line”][nectar_btn size=”large” button_style=”regular-tilt” button_color=”Accent-Color” color_override=”#2d5594″ icon_family=”none” url=”” text=”Questions? E-mail us today”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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