Can I Clean It?

Seeing mold is not the only way to detect mold. Strange odors can often indicate mold, however, it may not be in the room where it is being smelled. The odors can travel through air vents and infiltrate spaces where there actually isn’t any mold. Where there’s moisture, there could be mold. It’s common knowledge humidity is a molds best friend. But to the untrained eye, rust on pipes and warping drywall or wood may not seem like a sign of mold. And those itchy eyes, runny nose, and headaches have just been part of a cold, but those too are warning signs that there could be mold.

A certified indoor environmentalist has the training and specialized equipment to assess, resolve, and prevent indoor air quality issues, providing the client with the procedures to remove the mold permanently.

Some homeowners try to fix minor house problems on their own instead of calling in a professional. Mold is no different. The homeowner can clean up the mold if it is minimal, but mold is a spore and will spread if not taken care of properly. It can only worsen from there, damaging the house and emptying pockets to continually fight it.


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