Capability Statement

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating hazardous materials and contaminants in a manner that is safe, efficient, clean and respectful to our customers, community, partners and crew members. We provide prompt communication and quality service to our Clients. We work to improve the quality of the environment for our community and improve the indoor environmental quality for our Clients through effective and efficient remediation of contaminants. Our employees are well trained and strive to create an environment that inspires respect and the continued solid reputation of the Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. within the abatement, remediation, and mitigation community.

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. offers prospective Clients the following services:

  • Consultation and Project Design Asbestos Sampling, Surveys, and Abatement
  • Mold Sampling, Assessments, and Remediation Lead-Paint Stabilization
  • Disinfecting Services HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Damage Restoration and Rebuild Basement/Crawlspace Water-Control

National Certifications

WBE: CMA9361

PA WBE Certified Certificate No. 131031

Certificate No. 14126 MDOT Certified Certificate No. 14-069


UEI No. VDG2P3K822U3

AHERA Certified

Asbestos Licenses

Pennsylvania No. C0002A

Maryland No. M39-00-63

West Virginia No. AC002038

Lead Licenses

EPA No. NAT-46570-3

Pennsylvania No. C00077

Maryland No. 7349

West Virginia No. PC000197

Contractor Licenses

Pennsylvania No. PA023563

Maryland No. 05-130104

West Virginia No. WV029674

236118- Residential Remodelers

238910Site Preparation Contractors 238990- Specialty Trade Contractors

 541620- Environmental Consulting Services

561790- Buildings & Dwellings

562211- Hazardous Waste Treatment & Disposal

562910- Remediation Services

541380- Testing Laboratories