Basement Water Control Part 2: Wet Basement

Previously, we talked about being proactive when it comes to basement water control by being on the lookout for wet alerts. Wet alerts are warning signs that indicate a moisture problem exists in a basement or crawl space. However, what should we do if these wet alerts go unnoticed, flooding a basement?   Where to […]

Basement Water Control Part 1: What are wet alerts?

Wet Leaking Basement

It is always best to be proactive when it comes to basement water control. Keeping your basement dry can increase your home’s value and allow for remodeling. A dry basement will also give you more storage space without the worry of items getting wet and destroyed. So, what are some signs you should be looking […]

Home Improvements to Damp and Wet Environments

Improvements to bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and areas that tend to experience moments of dampness should include designs to assist in keeping the areas dry and contaminant-free. Both during and after renovations, odors should never be ignored. Odors are indicators of the existence of a contaminant or the growth of mold. While renovations are […]

5 Tips To Safely Renovating A Damp Or Wet Basement

Tip #1: Ask yourself how wet is my basement? Is your basement damp, stuffy, or humid…. Is there a lake in my basement? Regardless of how wet your basement could be it is always good to get consulting, to understand your options. Whether you need a sump pump or not there are many methods for […]

What are carbon straps and why are they important in a basement renovation project?

Many contractors, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers are eager to pull the trigger on renovating their basement but there could be one major issue on your hands if you miss this very important step. I am talking about a weakened or cracked foundation retaining wall. Just image if you sunk 10s of thousands dollars into the prefect […]

November’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic: Wet Basements and Crawlspaces

IS YOUR BASEMENT or CRAWLSPACE suffering from overexposure to moisture? In the case where a crawlspace has been infiltrated with water over a period of 12 hours or longer, mold remediation is crucial to bring the area back to a safe condition prior to any waterproofing or mitigation. Most likely, whether visible or not, after […]

November’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic: Wet Basements and Crawlspaces

DEHUMIDIFIER IS YOUR BASEMENT’S BEST FRIEND! A proper dehumidification system will include a system to capture the water produced and exhaust it to the outside so there is no dependence of building occupants or maintenance personnel to empty the dehumidifier. Between vacations and distractions, the chances are that there would be times when the dehumidifier […]


Having a full assessment is the wisest move.  Stories are rampant of building owners who have paid for extensive and expensive waterproofing systems … only to find that by making other water-control repairs they could have avoided installation of such a system. Needed gutter repairs is a great example:  The rainwater pours off the roof, […]

November’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic: Wet Basements and Crawlspaces

Warning signs that indicate a moisture problem exists in a basement or crawl space should be followed by a full assessment. WET ALERTS include: Humidity over 60%, which may indicate moisture exists but the source may be hidden … a leaking pipe, water lying against the exterior walls, water entering cracks in walls. Condensation on […]

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