MOLD: MYTHS & FACTS MYTH: Only dirty environments, buildings, or homes get mold contaminations. FACT: Dirt provides mold with a nutrient, but small amounts of dust and most building components can provide the nutrients needed to grow mold. MYTH: There are no mold regulations. FACT: Some states such as Florida and Virginia have established mold […]


WHAT IS MOLD? Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. Mold is known as nature’s recycler, since it causes the decomposition  of the organic and porous materials on which it roots and grows. There are thousands of known species of molds. They all require moisture for growth. Like […]


“A Monster in her Basement?” The white-haired 85-year old lady reminded me of my grandmother as she opened the front door with a huge smile, followed by a deep exhausting cough. She gestured for me to enter her exemplar home. Although the furnishings were dated, every piece was placed with purpose. The living room and […]

We smell mold. It is agitating my sinuses. But, I cannot find it. What do I do?

We smell mold.  It is agitating my sinuses.  But, I cannot find it.  What do I do? Mold is vicious.  It can hide above ceilings, behind walls, in furniture, under carpet.  If you suspect mold, but cannot find it, we recommend having air samples collected to determine if there is a mold contamination hiding in […]

Time for a HEALTHY BUILDING checkup!

Time for a HEALTHY BUILDING checkup! Spring and Fall are great times to schedule your building(s) for a checkup.  In doing so, areas of concern can be identified and addressed prior to them becoming large, expensive cleanup or repair projects.  Here are just a view items that should be inspected inside your buildings: Signs of […]

Just cleaned up a mold colony. How do I know when the cleanup is completed?

Just cleaned up a mold colony.  How do I know when the cleanup is completed? Visible mold is no longer present. Moldy odors are no longer present. All building components with evidence of mold growth have been removed or encapsulated. Occupants are no longer evidencing symptoms of mold exposure. After an extensive mold remediation project, […]

How do we prevent mold contamination in our homes & buildings?

How do we prevent mold contamination in our homes & buildings? The #1 most important thing that one must do to prevent or inhibit the growth of mold is to control the moisture in our indoor environments. Control and maintain the humidity at 40-45%. Address water intrusions and plumbing leaks immediately. If 12 or more […]

Can mold cause health problems?

Can mold cause health problems? Hay fever-type symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, shortness of breath, fatigue . . . are just a few symptoms experienced when someone has been exposed to an excess level of mold.  A person’s personal susceptibility and sensitivity will determine their response to a mold exposure. Allergic reactions […]

Why are we getting mold in our building?

Why are we getting mold in our building?  For mold to propagate, four things are needed to needed: a mold spore, something for it to attach to, a nutrient, and MOISTURE! Mold spores are everywhere all the time. Our indoor environment has plenty of things to attach to. Nutrients for mold can include regular household […]