December’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic: Our Indoor Generation

What are regular routines that can improve our Indoor Air Quality?

  • Routinely (for those with allergies, weekly) wash sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and mattress pads in hot water and detergent, then dry using high heat.
  • Change the HVAC filters as soon as they show evidence of dust and particulates.
  • Keep furry and feathered pets out of sleeping areas and off furniture.
  • Clean pet beds, litter boxes and cages frequently.
  • Never dry-sweep indoors. Dust using a damp cloth and use a HEPA-filtered vacuum.
  • Confirm appliances, kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and clothes dryers are vented to the outside.
  • Use exhaust fans when cooking or showering.
  • Avoid use of air fresheners, incense, and scented candles. They tend to release VOCs and other contaminants into the air.  When using, vent well.
  • No smoking indoors.
  • Avoid mold and moisture by fixing water leaks and high humidity issues immediately.
  • Maintain humidity in all indoor areas around 40-45%.
  • Use a dehumidifier in areas where the humidity is at or above 50%.

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