December’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic: Our Indoor Generation

One of the best practices to protect Our INDOOR GENERATION is to implement a PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE system.

Most of us have an annual checkup with our doctor.  Our environments need a checkup for the same reason we need annual physicals.  Whether a homeowner or a facilities manager, implementing a preventative maintenance program that takes indoor environmental issues into consideration can save money, time, and the health of occupants.

A preventative maintenance program should include scheduled assessments of one’s property, buildings, and building systems for the purpose of extending longevity, increasing efficiency, and keeping our indoor environment healthy.

A condensed and a full “Healthy Buildings Checklist” can be requested at

There is a direct tie between the health of indoor environments and human health.  To learn more, to join our BREATHE HEALTHY Initiative, or to request a copy of our BREATHE HEALTHY e-book, visit


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