December’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic: Our Indoor Generation


A Healthy Building Checkup is one of the greatest measures to protect our indoor generation.  Here are a few suggestions to make it efficient and comprehensive:

  • Schedule a walk-through with relevant and knowledgeable parties.
  • Make notes of problems, issues, or ideas for enhancements.
  • Compile the notes and create a plan.
  • Establish time-frames or goals to complete relevant repairs.
  • Hire experts to inspect building systems wherein your knowledge base is limited, i.e., electrical, plumbing, HVAC.

Our facilities and homes are a significant financial investment.  As a member of Our Indoor Generation, we know our buildings can also impact our health.  With buildings being constructed to conserve energy, the air-tight envelope can trap contaminants.  Issues, such as moisture and humidity, if not addressed, can cause structural damage and can impact our health and the health of Our Indoor Generation.

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