December’s Breathe Healthy Initiative Topic:  Our Indoor Generation

Subtle changes led us to our current Indoor Generation. It started with finding shelter in a cave to protect us from the wind, sun, rain, and outdoor monsters. Then we realized that we did not have to settle for the random caves in nature, we could build caves just about anywhere. And we would call them shelters.

Then, we sought out the perfect location … near the forest so we would not have to travel far to seek out game. Or, near the lake, river, or ocean so we would not have to travel to fish. Once we learned how to grow our own food, we put our shelters on our farmland.

The building envelope as we call it today, evolved over generations.  The design, building materials and construction evolved to match the climate of the region and the availability of resources. Construction format changed through experiment, failure, and advancement of knowledge and skill.

We became accustomed to our shelter and started our path to evolving to the INDOOR GENERATION.

This month’s articles will revolve around how to protect OUR INDOOR GENERATION.

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