Sub-Slab Disadvantage: Very Expensive & Very Messy.

It takes 3 -5 people and 3 to 5 days to install a sub-slab waterproofing system. The concrete floor of the basement has to be broken up using either a concrete saw or a jackhammer which creates a large amount of fine dust that can hover for days and settle on walls, wall hangings, furniture, electronics, in the carpet etc…It can enter the HVAC ducts and travel to other places in the house. A trench is then dug down to the footing. Bucket after bucket of muddy clay, dirt, and broken concrete rubble that was dug up is then disposed of, but after installing a drain tile in the trench, the trench then has to be filled back up to the top with aggregate (crushed stone). This extensive labor typically increases the cost of the system.

Our Advantages:

Less Expensive: Our system only takes 1 to 3 people in 1 to 2 days.

Less Mess: Unless we must install a sump pump for the client, we do not break up the concrete.


Sub-Slab Disadvantage: Clogging

Sub Slab systems sit in the soil below the concrete floor. Hybrid systems sit on the footing. This reduces soil contact but does not eliminate it completely. Over time, soil particles can fill up the drain tile and thus hindering its effectiveness. Even drain tile with filters or small slits can clog. Plants and trees can become major problems with these systems as the vegetation send their roots to where the water is located. Root systems are strong enough to break apart rock.

Our Advantages:

No danger of clogging: Our system is installed on the top of the floor and not in the soil. Only water can enter the system.


Sub-Slab Disadvantage: Can create a new source of seepage

When the the floor is broken up to install a sub-slab system, a new crack is formed in the floor that runs parallel with the wall. This seam can leak between the wall, floor, and footing call cold joints potentially replacing a leak with another leak.

Our Advantages:

Does not create any new cracks: Since we do not dig up the floor, we do not create a new cold joint.

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