Professional Disinfecting Services for Safe Environments

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. uses an electrostatic sprayer paired with trusted disinfecting and sanitizing solutions. The patented spray system provides superior coverage by helping disinfectants and sanitizers target germ-prone surfaces like desks, restrooms, door handles, upholstered furniture, and drapes in South Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia including Chambersburg PA, Martinsburg WV, Berkeley Springs WV, and Hagerstown MD

Hospital-grade disinfectants that stand out with a unique blend
of efficacy and safety. Effective at removing blood stains and
other body fluids, Baxter Environmental Group, Inc.’s disinfectant cleaners are safe for use on treated articles, carpeting, fabrics, flooring, and frequently touched surfaces with no need to rinse or wipe off

This rating category is rarely seen in hospital-grade disinfectants, making our products the ideal choice for both restaurant and healthcare facilities that provide food services. It will not alter the taste of the food prepared on sanitized surfaces or leave a lingering offensive odor on table tops.

Unpleasant odors have been recognized as a warning sign
of potential risks to human health. Odors are not only warning
signs but also may be the direct cause of some symptoms. Baxter Environmental Group, Inc.’s disinfectant cleaners can eliminate stale cooking odors, tobacco smoke and smoke caused by fire odors, musty mold and mildew odors, urine and
fecal matter odors, garbage and dumpster odors.

Our disinfectant cleaners are proven mold and mildew killers
with up to 7 months of residual effects. Safe to use on surfaces
traditional molds and mildew killers would damage like marble and carpeting. Can penetrate deep into semi-porous surfaces like concrete to kill the root of the problem. Will not harm plants or damage the exterior of your home. Great final step in major mold remediation projects.

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc.’s disinfectant cleaners are hypoallergenic and not an allergen trigger. They are proven effective against cat, dog, rodent dander, dust mite, and cockroach allergen. They are not a skin sensitizer and will not further aggravate allergy symptoms. Can be applied directly to pets and their bedding/sleeping areas.

Under certain conditions biofilms may develop from bacteria, molds, and yeast. These biofilms can be invisible on surfaces. Our products can penetrate the protective outer film and breakdown hard/ soft film. No need to mechanically remove. Effectively prevent biofilm at very low concentrations.

Spills and spots are inevitable but they do not have to be permanent. The right cleaning solutions can keep your facility’s carpet looking its best between professional deep cleanings. Our products out-perform all superior cleaning products proving it is a heavy duty odor eliminator removing the strongest, deep set pet odors.

Baxter Environmental Group, Inc.’s disinfectant cleaners are approved by the U.S. EPA for antimicrobial control in HVAC systems and air ducts eliminating odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and other fungi. Our products provide complete disinfection and bacteria inactivation while allowing for better air quality in offices, apartments, buildings, gyms, schools, hospitals, and at home.

Colorless and Odorless

Our disinfectant cleaners are so mild you can wash your hands in them, and they will not harm hard or soft surfaces, or colorfast fabrics. Use them on shower curtains, under sinks, in basements and crawl spaces – anywhere mold and bacteria are found.

Old Methods

of removing mold and bacteria relied on strong chemicals such as chlorine bleach products that produce trihalomethanes (THM) and halo acetic acids (HAAS) that have been linked to cancer.