How to Avoid or Fix a Drafty Window


Don’t let the winter come inside your home. A window letting the cold air in can not only make a home uncomfortable, but make your heating bill jump.

Many components of a window can contribute to a drafty window.



Wood can deteriorate if it is painted or primed incorrectly or consistently exposed to wet or humid weather. Sprinklers that hit the window also cause deterioration.


  • Rotten wooden frames, sashes or dividers need to either be repaired, or removed and rebuilt, depending on the severity of damage.


Window Panes & Seals


Cracks, scratches, and chips in window glass can come from weather damage such as storms, hail, and extreme fluctuations in temperature, impacts to the glass, and harsh cleaners.


  • Replace damaged glass.

Blown windows are foggy and have condensation between panes caused by heat induced contractions and expansions.


  • Replace the pane or the entire sash.

Caulking can crack, shrink, and peel over time and weather stripping deteriorates because of age, friction, weather exposure, damage by people, pets, and pests.


  • Reapply caulking
  • Replace weather stripping


Window Operations


If your windows don’t open smoothly, possible causes could be that sashes could be painted shut, dirt could have accumulated in the track, or broken hardware.


  • Break paint seals and scrape off the paint
  • Clean tracks and balances
  • Replace hardware such as rails, jamb liners, sash locks, stiles, and more.

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