Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a form of energy that can have adverse effects on health. Several electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns as exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields has been increasing with advancing technologies. Everyone is exposed to a mix of electric and magnetic fields that vary in strength. From industrial equipment and the generation and transmission of electricity to domestic appliances. Examples include power lines, cell phone towers, microwaves, computers, TVs, alarm clocks, WIFI, security devices, metal plumbing, wireless modem routers, radars, and most importantly, cell phones.

WIFI and cell phones cause electromagnetic radiation.

Strong radiation can produce currents capable of delivering an electric shock. The current can shock humans and animals. The current can also overload and destroy electrical equipment. Extremely high power electromagnetic radiation can cause electric currents strong enough to create sparks. These sparks can ignite flammable materials or gases consequently leading to explosions. A biological effect of electromagnetic fields is the cause dielectric heating – a method by which the temperature of an electrically nonconducting (insulating) material can be raised by subjecting the material to a high-frequency electromagnetic field.

The method is widely used in industrial manufacturing: heating thermosetting glues, drying lumber, foam rubber, and fibrous materials, preheating plastics etc. Touching or standing around an antenna while a high-power transmitter is in operation can cause severe burns.

Symptoms of low-level exposure to electromagnetic fields that people have reported have included headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido. There have been occasional reports of links between health problems and presumed exposure to electromagnetic fields of prematurity and low birth weight in children of workers in the electronics industry.

We are able to detect EMR’s through an advanced testing procedure. This testing is valuable for real estate transactions, commercial and industrial facility EMR assessments, residential EMR assessments, general health concerns, equipment interference issues, long-term data logging, and more.

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