Breathe Healthy Initiative

Monthly Coupons

During the month of March & April:
Eliminate Sickness in your Environment with the
Clorox Total 360 Machine
Receive 5% Off First Cleaning

Coupon good through End of April.

During the months of January & February:
Receive 5% off air quality testing

Coupon good through end of February.

During the month of March:
Receive 5% off lead & asbestos samples or inspections

Coupon good for March.

During the month of April:
Receive 5% off Basement water-control project

Coupon good for April.

During the month of May:
Receive 5% off mold samples or assessment

Coupon good for May.

During the month of June:
Receive 5% off Remodeling Project over $2,500

Coupon good for June.

During the month of July:
Receive 5% off lead inspection

Coupon good for July.

During the month of August:
Receive 5% off Asbestos testing

Coupon good for August.

During the months of September & October:
Receive 5% off Renovations project of $2500 or more

Coupon good through end of October.

During the months of November & December:
Receive 5% off any one service

Coupon good through end of December.

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