How do we prevent mold contamination in our homes & buildings?

The #1 most important thing that one must do to prevent or inhibit the growth of mold is to control the moisture in our indoor environments.

  • Control and maintain the humidity at 40-45%.
  • Address water intrusions and plumbing leaks immediately. If 12 or more hours pass without addressing water intrusions, the area should be addressed as though mold has started to propagate (because it probably has).
  • Run exhaust fans while cooking or showering, plus an additional 20 minutes. Confirm all exhaust fans are ducted to the exterior of the building.
  • Inspect ductwork at least once a year for mold and build up of excessive debris.
  • Use a HEPA-filtered vacuum when cleaning so that mold spores can be captured rather than circulated through the building.

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