Is it time for a new roof? Here’s what you need to know!

Asbestos-containing roofing material… What is it?

Asbestos-containing roofing material, or ACRM, is any shingle, roof underlayment, caulks/sealants, flashing, or tar paper that would be over contain over 1% asbestos. It is important to be aware of what is this for the simple reason of contamination of items in your around your home.

To paint a picture imagine your getting a roof replacement the hired contractor is removing the existing roof and as they’re removing them a couple falls off the roof onto the back patio. The contractor goes to “clean it up” by picking up the shingles and sweeping up the dust. You, not knowing the hazard of what could be asbestos dust, walk out later to inspect the work they have done. At that point you have walked through the area with the “asbestos dust” and likely have or will track the “asbestos dust” into your home unknowingly.

That example happens way too often in the real world, and that is why it is important to always test to find out whether your roof has ACRM on it.

Don’t just stop there.

If you happen to have a roofing material that is asbestos-containing here are your options:

As a homeowner, you could repair or replace the roof yourself. We recommend you use the proper P.P.E which includes gloves, a NIOSH P100 rated respirator, safety glasses, and a disposable Tyvek suit. Also do not forget the use of a drop cloth, most states require the drop cloth to be 6 mil thick so it will not tear easily as well it is a good idea to double bag the trash bags of waste.

If you do not feel comfortable handling asbestos-containing material, then we recommend finding and using a licensed asbestos abatement contractor to perform removal and possible repair of the roof. 

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