Let me tell you a Radon Story for NATIONAL RADON ACTION Month!

Over the Summer Pete and Sue had the neighborhood over for a huge barbeque.  The neighbors to the east of them brought potato salad and chips.  The neighbors to the west of them brought burgers and hot dogs.  The neighbors to the north of them brought chicken and fries.  And the neighbors to the south of them brought an assortment of desserts.  Everyone had a great time.  Little did Pete and Sue know that the neighbors to the east of them would save their lives!

Pete and Sue mentioned that they were considering getting a radon test taken in their basement.

  • The neighbors to the south thought it was just a waste of money . . . another thing to get homeowners to spend their hard-earned dollars.
  • The neighbors to the north said that they had a relative that was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the doctor had said it was directly related to exposure to radon. They had their home tested and the radon levels were very low.
  • The neighbors to the west said they too had a test done about a year ago and the levels were very low.
  • The neighbors to the east said their radon test showed high levels of radon, and they had a system put in very economically. They strongly recommended that everyone have their home tested.  For a little bit of money and time, lives could be saved by testing and taking action if appropriate.

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that currently penetrates one out of every 15 homes in the United States.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in our country today.

Now it is January, Pete and Sue get up from the news to fix a drink.  When they return, they hear a commercial about January being NATIONAL RADON ACTION month.  Pete looks at Sue and says, “Let’s do it.”

Shocked to see that the radon levels in their home were extremely high, they spent a total of $1,500 to have a radon mitigation system installed.  By February, their radon levels were very low, and they had peace of mind.

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