Mold And What You Need To Know In Your New Renovated Home

Mold is a vicious contaminant. It hides under carpets, spreads inside walls or deep in heating and air conditioning vents, or other locations that cannot be seen. Hidden mold can still be missed even after a thorough investigation and assessment

It is important to know this for the simple fact that the work that was performed on your home may have been great but there may have been a step missed in the process. The components mold can attach to are all around us such as drywall, furnishings, concrete block, 2 x 4 framing, etc. The nutrients mold needs are in the dust within our buildings.

If the addition or renovation of your home is not airtight, or there isn’t a vapor barrier installed in a damp area, then mold almost has what it needs to grow. That is why it’s extremely important to control the humidity in that area. If the humidity is over 60% then you will more than likely have a mold issue.

Have mold, but you do not know why or what type?  Our Certified Mold Inspectors will provide the details of your contamination as well as a remediation plan.

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