MYTH: Only dirty environments, buildings, or homes get mold contaminations.

FACT: Dirt provides mold with a nutrient, but small amounts of dust and most building components can provide the nutrients needed to grow mold.

MYTH: There are no mold regulations.

FACT: Some states such as Florida and Virginia have established mold remediation regulations. Professional mold remediation companies typically follow the guidelines and standards set by the IICRC S520 or the EPA’s guide “Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings.” Although focused on schools and commercial buildings, this brochure is applicable to all building types.

MYTH: Mold will not grow unless it is exposed to LOTS of moisture.

FACT: All that is needed for mold to grow is one spore and a high level of humidity.

MYTH: My house is new, just recently built, so it cannot have mold.

FACT: It does not matter whether you have an old building, a new building, cheap construction, or a multi-million-dollar building. They can still become contaminated in as little as 12 hours when an environment conducive to the growth.

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