The American Kennel Club in association with ADT Security Services declared National Pet Fire Safety Day in 2009, and it is observed annually on July 15th. Just like fire drills, pets need consideration when preparing for unexpected fire emergencies.


  • Extinguish open flames. Pets can be curious and not cautious. Wagging tails can accidentally knock over candles. Curious cats will paw at sizzling grease, quickly sending a kitchen up in flames.
  • If possible, remove knobs from the stove when not in use. They can accidentally get turned on.
  • Replace glass water bowls with metal or plastic bowls outside on wooden decks. They can heat up and start a fire.
  • Store leashes and collars near the entrance of your home. When away, keep your pets in the main living area for easy rescue.
  • Fire alert window clings help firefighters identifying the room your pets are located and identify the number of pets in the home. Add one to the window of the room you keep your pets when you are away. Keep it updated with the number of pets who reside with you and your current phone number.
  • Have a plan. Decide which family members will be responsible for each pet.
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