Protect Your Family From Lead Poisoning

If your property was built before 1978, there is a possibility that the paint contains high levels of lead.  When lead-based paint begins to deteriorate into dust or chips, it becomes a serious health hazard, especially to children.


Having a paint inspection will tell you whether or not your building has lead-based paint and where it is located.  If your building has lead-based paint, it becomes very crucial to maintain these painted surfaces.  To protect your family, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Maintain in good condition, repair or replace any lead-based painted areas.
  • Clean up paint dust or chips immediately.
  • Clean floors, window frames, window sills, and other surfaces at least weekly.  If young children inhabit this area, clean daily.
  • Thoroughly rinse sponges, mop heads and rags after cleaning.
  • Wash children’s hands often and especially before they eat.
  • Keep play areas clean.
  • Keep children from chewing painted surfaces.
  • Clean or remove shoes to avoid tracking lead dust.

Protect Family From Lead

For more information, click here to visit the EPA’s Lead Website.


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