Is the Silent Killer Creeping Through Your Home?

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Is the Silent Killer Creeping Through Your Home?

Radon is an invisible, odorless, colorless radioactive gas.  It fills our basements, creeps up through openings in the floor and walls and enters the air that we breathe.  It does not cause a cough, nor does it make our eyes sore or our nose run.  It is silent and deadly being the number one cause of lung cancer to non-smokers and the number two cause of lung cancer to smokers.


How do you know that radon has infiltrated your home?  The only way is to have a radon measurement taken.  Can something be done about it?  Yes, a radon mitigation system can remove the contaminant from your home.


Why do some homes have radon and others do not?  Radon is a radioactive gas caused by the natural decay of uranium.  Uranium deposits are randomly found throughout the soil.  So, one home may have a deposit under or near it and the home right next door may have no radon issues.  That is why it is important to have a radon measurement taken.


Radon gas moves through the ground seeking an escape.  Its escape route may be the cracks in a foundation, the openings for electric lines and plumbing, the areas where the floor meets with the wall.  Your home then traps the radon where it can build up to excessive levels.  It does not matter if it is a well-sealed home or a drafty home, a home with a basement or a home without.  Any home may have levels of radon.  No level is a safe level.


The best solution:  have your home tested.


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