Six Myths about Lead Paint

How much do you know about lead paint?

Take our quick quiz and learn what’s true and what’s false about lead paint.


  1. True or False: The use of lead paint is banned.


No country has completely banned all uses of lead paint. It is sold in stores in at least 45 countries and it is legal to use in the United States, Canada, and Europe for industrial applications.


  1. True or False: There are substitutes for lead in paint.


There are alternatives available for lead compounds in paints and more. Though a manufacturer has claimed that paints made without lead pigments are not as yellow and therefore do not protect the public as well when used on roadways. The U.S. has stopped using lead paint on roads but there is no evidence that the substitutes are linked to more accidents.


  1. True or False: Only residential paint is a problem.


People are exposed to lead paint used on roads, buildings, vehicles, and farm equipment. Exposure results when these paints deteriorate, creating lead dust that workers can take home on their hands, shoes, clothes, and in their hair.


  1. True or False: Lead paint is only a problem when it is not intact.


Intact lead paint does not pose a threat. It becomes a threat when the paint is cracked, peeling, or deteriorated. It can then flake off and can contaminate the soil, water, and air.


  1. True or False: Most kids get exposed to lead by eating paint chips.


Children may eat fragmented paint chips but that is not a primary exposure to lead paint. The lead dust in homes that settles on floors, toys, window sills, and other surfaces is how lead is primarily ingested by children. They crawl on the floor, play with their toys, then stick their hands in their mouth.


  1. True or False: Lead paint only impacts children.


While children have greater health risks because of their growing bodies, people of all ages are impacted if exposed to lead.



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