The snow is pretty coming down, but may wreak havoc as it melts away.

In fact, Switzerland is using snowmelt forecasting as a flood-warning tool to predict snowmelt runoff and potential flooding.

In the Pacific Northwest of the United States, annual springtime flood events occur when rain falls on existing snowpacks, known as a “rain-on-snow event.”

In 1996, heavy snowfall was followed by a sudden thaw and heavy rain. It caused floods along rivers from New York through Pennsylvania to Virginia. It produced water levels not seen since Hurricane Agnes. Major rivers in Pennsylvania and the Potomac river were affected.

Waterproofing isn’t only to keep rainfall leaking into your home or building. Our basement dewatering system protects you from any sort of water intrusion. One in six homes have water leaks.


10 inches of snow equals 1 inch of water.

But it all depends on the consistency of the snow!

Heavy, wet snow has a higher water content. 4 or 5 inches of that snow can contain about one inch of water, while it may take 20 inches of dry, powdery snow to equal one inch of water.

When the sun comes out and melts that snow, it may just lead to a wet basement since one of the most common areas where water seeps into basements is where the basement wall meets the floor. Our basement dewatering system controls this area and has the nice look of a simple vinyl baseboard.

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