Meet The Staff

Executive Team

Jocelyne Melton and her dog Lucy

Jocelyne Melton

CEO & President
Certified Indoor Environmentalist - Ext – 102
Cell - 717-387-1059

Office Team


Darlene Wenger

Office Assistant

Operations Team

BEGI-2023-Staff-Emily Houck

Emily Houck

Director Of Operations - Ext – 110

BEGI-2023-Staff-Pat Grove

Patrick Grove

Project Manager
Asbestos Division - Ext – 104
Cell - 717-414-6898

BEGI-2023-Staff-Chris Hess

Christopher Hess

Project Manager
Mold Division - Ext – 107
Cell - 717-723-1155

BEGI-2023-Staff-Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown

Operations Manager - Ext - 103

Pup Team

Lucy the shop dog
Jocelyne and Lucy
Lucy Bercaw
Shop Dog
Baxter Bug

Baxter Bug

Lover Of Mold
Certified Indoor Environmental Hazard