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5 Projects PERFECT for Winter!

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You’re not going to be building a deck outside during the winter so here are some great projects to do while stuck indoors.


1.  Flooring

Replace your floors by switching out the old with hardwoods, laminate flooring, tile and more, or install carpeting.


2.  The Kitchen

  • Add a backsplash
  • Re-tile the floor
  • Upgrade the appliances


3.  The Bathrooms

  • Install a new sink, medicine cabinet, faucets, tub and/or shower
  • Upgrade to a water saver toilet


4.  The Basement and Attic

If sitting on the couch next to the fireplace all winter is getting a little boring, a great idea is to finish that basement or attic. This includes everything. Framing, the electrical work and plumbing, choosing where to put the TVs, speakers, internet cables etc., installing the drywall, flooring, the door and painting.

A smaller project may be finishing the garage.


5.  Retrofit Fireplace Doors

Remember that fireplace? It’s possible it’s horribly inefficient. An open firebox sucks warm air right up the flue. Adding glass doors makes the fireplace much more effective at radiating heat. Doors also keep kids and pets from getting too close.