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Save Time and Energy! Try Paint Stripping!

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Baxter Group, Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Shannon Murray to Manager of their new paint stripping facility.  Shannon has been a member of the Baxter Group, Inc. team since mid-2013.  Over time she has worked as a certified mold remediation worker, lead paint renovation worker, and licensed asbestos abatement supervisor.  In 2014, she was promoted to Mold Remediation Foreman.


“Shannon’s exemplary attention to detail, her ability to work well with clients and her team, her ability to bounce back from tough situations, and her efforts in establishing the paint stripping facility made her a perfect fit for this new position,” said Jocelyne Melton President and CEO of Baxter Group, Inc.


Shannon was inspired with the concept of a paint stripping facility while Baxter Group, Inc. was assisting a local couple with renovations of their home.  “The couple had beautiful antique doors and wooden components throughout their home covered in lead-based paint.  The couple commented that they wish we had the ability to dip strip building components.  I said something to Jocelyne and we decided to run with the idea, installing a BENCO Paint Stripping System, which is a step up from dip stripping.  Now a client will be able to bring painted components or furniture to our facility and within just a few hours we can provide for them a paint-free building component or furniture.  It will save our clients time and money,” Shannon commented.

Keeping Your Home Healthy

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recipe for a healthy home


Keeping Your Home Healthy

Good home maintenance and housekeeping practices are the most important ingredients to a Healthy Home.  By practicing a once or twice a year inspection (depending on the age of your home), problems can be identified and addressed before they become huge catastrophes.  Through our housekeeping and maintenance practices, we can reduce contaminants and allergens and prevent injuries and illnesses.



The gutters and downspouts are free of debris and are in working order.

Rain and water drains away from the foundation.

There are no signs of termites, roaches, pests, or rodents.

Faucets and hoses are in working order and are not leaking.

Window wells and yard drains are free of debris.

Roof is in good order.

All vents, windows, sky lights and openings on the roof and through the walls are secure with no leaks or debris.

Exterior paint and siding are in good shape.

Exhaust ducts and dryer vents are free of debris.


Basement and Crawlspace

There are no wet areas.

The sump pump is in working order.

All drains are free of debris.

There are no signs of termites, roaches, pests, or rodents.



There are no wet areas.

All drains are free of debris.

The garage door is in working order.

There are no signs of termites, roaches, pests, or rodents.



There are no wet areas.

All vents and openings are free of debris.

There are no signs of termites, roaches, pests, or rodents.



There are no indications of water intrusions or water damage.

All painted surfaces are in good shape (no peeling paint).

All windows and doors are operational and safe.

All appliances are in good working order, including clean screens and new filters.

All toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks are leak-free and in good working order.

The bathroom and kitchen fans are free of debris and in good working order.

All filters have been cleaned or replaced in the HVAC unit, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems, etc.

All electrical cords are damage-free and in good working order.

All smoke detectors and CO alarms have fresh batteries and are in good working order.

All clutter has been organized, stored or removed.


After all annual or bi-annual repairs have been made, the next crucial step to having a Healthy Home is good housekeeping practices.  Allergens, contaminants, and bacteria build up in homes that are not well-kept.  Shortly after spring cleaning, dust and spores begin laying on horizontal surfaces.  Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen on a regular schedule is crucial to a healthy environment.


The key to a healthy home:  keep it dry, keep it clean, keep it well-ventilated, keep it free from contaminants and pets, keep it safe, and keep it well-maintained!