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Keep Your Children’s Toys Mold-Free

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Mold can form on children’s toys when they aren’t taken care of appropriately. Mold can develop on toys that are kept in the basement, or left in a damp area outside. Bath toys that aren’t properly dried out can develop mold. The mold can easily damage children’s growing immune systems and cause respiratory problems and allergies.

Here are a few ways to prevent and clean mold:

  • Boil the toys in hot water to remove mold. Squeeze them out then lay them out where they can dry quickly.
  • Clean them with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

White Vinegar: Mix one gallon of water with half of a cup of white vinegar. Let the toys soak for one hour, squeeze them out and scrub them down.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Mix two parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide in a bucket. Soak the toys, scrub them, rinse them with water then let them dry.

  • Plug up the holes that allow bath toys to squeak. Water can seep in and start mold growth. It can easily be done with a drop of hot glue.
  • Run the toys through the dishwasher or washing machine.

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