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Sustaining Healthy Indoor Air Quality During Emergencies

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Summer has rolled in and for those of us in a region of hot and humid summers, thunder is rolling as well. While a big booming thunderstorm can be fun to watch, it’s not so fun when the power goes out. It goes dark, you can’t cook, the air conditioning is off and the food in the refrigerator might spoil. The EPA provides information about how to keep your indoor air quality healthy during an emergency.


Use flashlights or batter powered lanterns if possible.

If you do use candles, make sure the area is ventilated. Candles emit combustion products and can be a fire hazard.

Portable Generators that use fuels such as gasoline, natural gas or kerosene give off toxic fumes that are hazardous and could kill you in minutes if not used correctly.

Do Not:

  • Do not use portable generators inside your house, garage, on balconies, near doors, vents or windows. Do not use portable generators near where you or family are sleeping.


  • Use portable generators outside, and far away from your home or buildings.
  • Consider a rechargeable power source such as solar powered generators or batteries.



Do Not:

  • Do not use barbecues, hibachis, camp stoves, or any other non-vented combustion appliances to cook indoors. Combustion appliances produce toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide.


  • Use a vented fireplace or a vented wood or other fuel burning stove, if it is set up for cooking.