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Controlling Fleas and Ticks Inside Your Home or Building

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Here are some tips to keep ticks and fleas from invading this summer:

Deposit fleas in hot soapy water to kill them.

  • Vacuum every day to remove eggs, larvae and adults. High priority areas: carpets, cushions, cracks/crevices in floors and baseboards, and the basement.
  • Steam clean carpets: the hot steam and soap kill fleas in all stages of the life cycle.
  • Wash all pet bedding and family bedding in hot, soapy water every two to three weeks. If an infestation is severe, discard old pet bedding and replace it with fresh, clean material.
  • Use a flea comb to suppress adult fleas. Hair can pass through the comb’s teeth, but not the fleas. Especially comb the neck and tail.

Flea and Tick Tips for the Landscaper

  • Clear tall grasses and brush around homes and buildings, and at the edge of lawns.
  • Place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns, around patios and play equipment, and wooded areas
  • Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees. Place them in a sunny location, if possible.
  • Mow the lawn frequently.
  • Keep leaves raked.
  • Stack wood neatly and in a dry area.
  • Remove any old furniture, mattresses, or trash from the yard.

For more information, refer to the Tick Management Handbook by The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station for a comprehensive guide to preventing ticks and their bites through landscaping.