The Dangers of Deferred Maintenance!

Preventative maintenance saves building owners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a building.  Maintenance is a big part of making sure that equipment and building systems remain safe and functional.  With limited budgets it is tempting to forgo regular maintenance and healthy building check-ups.

Here are the dangers of deferring a Healthy Building Check-Up and preventative maintenance:

  • Costly equipment failure
  • High costs of reactive maintenance
  • Unhealthy or unsafe environments for occupants
  • Decreased occupant satisfaction with the property
  • Long lists of unexpected work orders or repairs
  • Fines from regulatory agencies
  • Shorter equipment life cycles
  • Hampered productivity
  • Negative impact of the store-front image
  • An overworked team experiencing burnout and stress

Preventative maintenance programs are designed to help a maintenance teams get ahead of maintenance issues, ensure properly functioning equipment, and save money over time.

How to Overcome Deferred Maintenance Issues?

  • Audit current maintenances processes, systems, and projects.
  • Employ a system of logging all maintenance activities in each particular building.
  • Employ a centralized work order system.
  • Prioritize maintenance issues.
  • Employ annual or bi-annual Healthy Building Check-Ups.

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