An investigation for mold contamination should be performed anytime there is an increase in allergy or respiratory problems for occupants or their pets. Chronic on-going colds, headaches, or flu-like symptoms are an indication of a potential mold contamination.

Other indications of mold contamination include musty, earth-like odors, water stains or discoloration, and/or peeling paint or wallpaper on ceilings or walls.

Dots of any color, particularly black, yellow or green, may be the beginnings of a mold colony developing.

Areas should be investigated after a high-humidity event, a water intrusion, a plumbing or roof leak, or when standing water or condensation has been noted. Warped boards also signal the presence of high humidity or a water intrusion.

Mold not only impacts our health, but it can gradually destroy the building components on which they grow.

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