What are the typical basement waterproofing or water-control methods one should consider in basements and crawlspaces?

Waterproofing methods are actually water-control methods!  The water must be controlled to prevent it from penetrating the basement foundation or floor or to divert it away from the building.

Popular methods include:

  • Interior wall and floor sealers
  • Interior water drainage
  • Exterior drainage
  • Exterior waterproofing coatings
  • Box-type waterproofing
  • Foundation crack injections
  • Dehumidification systems

Prior to any such systems being installed, all other systems that could be contributing to water intrusions should be identified and addressed.  Poor landscaping, gutters and downspouts, driveway and sidewalk issues, etc., should be addressed.  Water takes the easiest path of entry into basements and crawlspaces.  Building systems such as these were created to control water and keep it out of our buildings.  Once it’s determined that these systems are not enough, then a water-control system should be employed.

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