No one likes mold in their home. Mold not only causes health problems such as allergies and even infections, but mold is an eyesore and can spread like wildfire. Understanding what causes mold in your home, is the first step in preventing mold in your home.

What causes mold?  Mold is caused by an excess of humidity in your home. The humidity levels in your home should never be more than 50%. You can test your home’s humidity by purchasing a digital hygrometer, which measures the humidity in the air of your home.

How to prevent mold?  Preventing mold is a lot simpler than it may seem. You do not need anything fancy. If you find that the humidity in the air is over 50%, then you can purchase a dehumidifier for your home or air moisture collecting bags to hang up.

There are some other measures you can take as well when it comes to mold prevention in your home too. Making sure that air is flowing freely is a must. When airflow is restricted or cut off, moisture in the air can settle and build up, causing mold. Make sure ventilation is not blocked off and that air can get through all parts of your house.

Leaks are another big culprit of mold growth. Identifying any leaks and fixing them helps to prevent excess moisture from collecting.

Flooding is also a common reason people develop mold in their homes. Even small floods need to be cleaned and dried as quickly as possible to prevent any mold in the home.

Using the right flooring is another way to ensure your home stays mold free. Certain types of flooring, such as carpet, can retain moisture more than other types of flooring, like laminate flooring. Because of this, carpet is a bad choice for places like your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. There are a lot of opportunities for the floor to get wet in these areas. When carpet is not properly dry, it makes a great place for mold to grow. So, when your carpet does get wet, dry it immediately to prevent mold from harboring in your home.

Written and contributed by our friends at LAUNCHUX.

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