Monthly Schedule

January – The Silent Killer:  Radon
February – Caution! Asbestos-Containing Material
March – Get the LEAD Out
April – Mold & Moisture
May – Spring’s Healthy Building Check-Up
June – Renovating Safely
July – BYOB – What’s In Our Water?
August – Our Children and their Indoor Environments
September – Fall’s Healthy Building Check-Up
October – Indoor Pollution or Not?
November – Our Indoor Generation
December – Implementing an IEQ Program

Baxter Group Inc’s Breathe Healthy Initiative aims to support those responsible for indoor environments by increasing awareness of the benefits of healthy buildings, the impact that unhealthy indoor environments can have on building occupants, the preventative maintenance that can be employed to keep environments healthy, and the reaction needed when poor indoor environmental quality is identified.

Check back here for updates throughout 2019!

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